Network Upgrade 3!

IMPORTANT UPDATE regarding the upcoming Hard Fork 3 on block 786240 (details). Ironbelly’s default node ( has been updated to version 4.x, so no action is required from your side. If you are using another node - it’s your responsibilty to update the node to version 4.x!

Nevertheless be aware of the following caveats:

  • There might be some compatibility issues with the current Ironbelly code and node version 4.x. They are supposed to be compatible, but considering the open-source and fast moving character of Grin there is no guarantee of that.
  • File method is deprecated in the official CLI wallet (grin-wallet) in favor of SlatePack (read here). Hence you might not be able to receive/send Grins from/to the official CLI wallet right after Hard Fork happens if you will be using the official CLI wallet version 4.x (but, it should be possbile using version 3.x). I’m working on implementing SlatePack into Ironbelly, but it might take some time until it’s done.
  • I’m not sure about other wallets and exchanges, would they be moving to SlatePack or not and would it be possible to transact with them or not.

Please bear with me and use Telegram chat if you have any questions in this regard. Thanks and consider sponsoring me on Github (click here) if you would like to see features and improvements implemented faster.