App Store release 🥳

Today is a big day for Ironbelly - it has officially launched on the App Store!

The journey started back in November 2018, when Ironbelly was presented for the first time at GrinCon0 in Berlin [video]. Back then the app consisted of only two buttons - “Send 10 Grins” and “Info” - with no name, no nice UI, and no way to create or import a wallet. Yet that was just the beginning, and in the time that’s passed IronBelly has come a long way to becoming a real user app that can be found and downloaded from the App Store. I’m very happy to announce the launch today and to finally share the app with you all. I also want to thank Binance Fellowship Program and Autonomous Software Foundation for the help, they have provided to the project!

P.S.: the first Android version was supposed to already be released, but unfortunately the Android device I was using for testing got stolen and so I had to postpone the launch. I still plan on launching the Android version this summer though!